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Senior Physiotherapist

Donny has joined SportsPhysioSA after much coaxing from Michael, who worked with him shortly after he started practice in 2011 (after completing a sports science degree and then a Masters in Physiotherapy). Donny is an excellent physiotherapist and is a welcome addition to the team.

Since graduating, Donny has worked in private practice, being mentored by initially by Michael and subsequently by other well-respected Physiotherapists: they have helped Donny hone his skills to give patients the best care possible.

Donny's past experiences include being the Head Physiotherapist for SANFL teams: South Adelaide and North Adelaide. Currently, Donny is the Physiotherapist for the U18 State Women’s Basketball team.

His work with high-level athletes has equipped Donny with the skills to manage difficult injuries and minimise time away from the game.

In 2017, Donny travelled to the UK to further his physiotherapy experience where he worked in the public health system. He worked with patients suffering from chronic pain syndromes and now has a special interest and a growing understanding of the complexities and management strategies for this difficult and challenging problem.

Other clinical interests:

  • Benign positional vertigo
  • Hip & knee rehabilitation

Outside of work, Donny enjoys spending time at the gym and loves everything to do with the English Premier League: he's an avid Manchester United supporter – so he isn't perfect!



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