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Fitness for children

Gone are the days when children spent most of their spare time outside, climbing trees, running and playing backyard footy or cricket. High tech equipment such as televisions, gaming consoles, laptops and music players have reduced many of our children to sedentary zombies, with increasing waistlines. Parents should be concerned about this trend and take steps to prevent their kids from becoming lazy or obese.

Childhood obesity carries with it the risk of diabetes, asthma, sleep problems, lack of energy and frequent injuries, all of which can result in poor school performance. Obese kids are often excluded from activities with their peers. Parents can help their children by getting them involved in after school sports. Many clubs offer football, cricket, swimming and other sports that will not only get your child away from the television sets, but will help them make friends and feel good about themselves.

To enhance your child's sports performance, you can take him/her to a physiotherapy clinic that caters for kids. At SportPhysioSA, we can get your child started on an exercise program that is fun and effective. Our functional strength training programs not only strengthen children's muscles, but  also helps them understand how their body moves, and improves their balance and co-ordination. This results in reduced injuries, improved posture and a greater feeling of confidence. Our training equipment is fun and easy to use and we give advice on how to set up a `training centre` at home.

Setting an example for your kids is another good way to motivate them to exercise. Families can go walking, jogging, cycling and swimming together when the weather is fine. At other times, they can use some of the many exercise or dance videos that may be suitable for children. Running around the backyard (if you still have one) or playing a ball game can be fun as well as good exercise.


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