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Introducing your child to sport

Getting your child involved in sport at an early age is a good way to help him/her maintain a fit body as well as a fit mind. Some children may indicate very early what sports they are interested in while others may show no interest at all. If your child knows what he / she wants to do it may be a simple matter of signing your child up for that sport. If he /she doesn`t know, take your child to various sporting events and give him/her time to develop an interest in them - let them choose.

Don`t be disappointed if your child chooses a sport that you have no interest in. Most of all, do not pressure the child to switch to your preferred sport. If your child seems to like sosser and you are an Aussie Rules fan, it would not hurt to learn a little about the game so you can participate in it with your child. In the beginning you may have to be more involved, especially if your child is a bit on the shy side.

Once your child has decided on a sport, you should ensure that he/she has the stamina, physique and temperament for that sport. This is important to not only avoid frustration, but also for safety reasons. The child who does not have good eye-hand coordination or trips and falls easily can get hurt playing football and may get turned off the game for life. Sport brings out a lot of your child's personality. One may enjoy the teamwork and competition of soccer and basketball, while another may prefer a solitary activity like swimming or skiing. Whatever sport your child chooses should be something that he/she enjoys and helps to build discipline and character.

In the early years of any sport, participation and skill development is more important than the result. A coach who understands this and is willing to just let your child have fun is preferable to one who places too much emphasis on winning Over time your child may come to see success in sport as something as important as academic success, but until then let them enjoy the activity without the pressure.


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