About us

SportsPhysioSA provides the highest quality physiotherapy assessment and injury management. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of all clientele and to work with patients to achieve the best possible outcome, in the shortest time.

Why should you choose SportsPhysioSA?

Clinical expertise: With over 30 years of clinical experience, Physiotherapy Director, Michael Plush leads a team that has the knowledge and experience to give you the very best advice for your problem.

Training: With post-graduate qualifications in the specialty areas of sports injury management, manipulative therapy, acupuncture and rehabilitation, we are always able to offer `cutting edge` treatment and injury management.

Individual attention: We don’t share your treatment time with another patient. Your appointment is your time. You have 100% of our attention and expertise to get you the best possible result. We also provide you with your physios contact details, so you can get in touch with them with any questions or feedback.

Complete rehab: Our aim is to address the problem you came to see us with but frequently we are able to identify other areas that you can work on – you don’t just leave us injury-free, we want you to leave in peak condition, better than before.

Online bookings: You can book an appointment via our online booking system at any time of the day or night. We have appointments available 7 days a week: acute injuries should be assessed as soon as possible.

Trusted by the best: Our team has successfully worked with local, national and international athletes and teams competing in major sporting events and competitions, including world championships and Olympic Games. We have been making `the best better` for more than 20 years.

Integrated approach: We work with your medical specialist, GP or coach (with some athletes) to compile useful information in order to find the best approach for you. If your problem is outside our scope of practice, we have a network of specialist service providers, we can recommend.